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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

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PULS study support

The PULS study support is your point of contact at the faculty. We offer confidential advice on all questions, problems and conflicts related to your study situation.

We are happy to offer you individualized, confidential advice on any issues, conflicts, or decisions relating to your studies. A personal discussion with us may help you to develop concrete solutions. If the issues involved are too specific, we can put you in touch with the appropriate office.

See our joint website for further information about our activities and the current course offering.

Tobias Kreisel

Faculty advisor for teaching and learning
Serivce Unit PULS

Email: puls.mpi@uni-bayreuth.de

Phone: +49 921 55 3224
Office:, building NW II (opposite S 78)

Webmaster: Tobias Kreisel

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