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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science

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As one of the oldest sciences, it is at the same time the one that is most strongly directed towards the future: it is not uncommon to only know tomorrow what today’s mathematical discoveries can be used for.  ...more


Physics deals with the observation and understanding of all fundamental phenomena in the field of matter and energy. Thus, it forms the basis of all other scientific disciplines, including the life sciences and medicine, and it is the basis of engineering and technology.  ...more

Computer Science

Computers have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The part visible to us is becoming increasingly inconspicuous, but behind it lies a highly complex interplay of technology and powerful algorithms.  ...more

It is impossible to imagine today's world without the findings from mathematics, physics, and computer science. They play a fundamental role in our culture of life and are an essential part of many neighbouring disciplines. Scientists are indispensable to constantly expand the boundaries of knowledge – not only to make new discoveries but also to teach the next generation and pass on the torch.


Due our impressive track record and excellent research conditions outstanding scientists come to Bayreuth and impress with excellent research results. …mehr


Close contact to teachers and excellent equipment are only two of the reasons why studying at our faculty at the right choice. …more

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